Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dresses and Fake Tan Talk

Bring on Summer!

Summer is coming! Thank God, my boyfriend wants to go to the beach, it's going to be fun on the bun! Speaking of buns, I am eating my ham bun at this moment placing stray strands of dark hair behind my ears thinking, when I am going to get that damn hair cut! LOL
Amanda Bynes looks really hot in this photo, she makes me wish I was blonde...sigh I should probably go and I can try it out latter.

One of the looks I aiming for, for my summer is sun kissed golden glow, when I actually get some guts that is... Anyway for my thirteenth/fourteenth b'day my friend brought me...fake tan!
Grasping the bottle I had no idea what the hell to do, I turned a nasty shade of orange! Luckily I only applied it to my breasts and stomach. When you saw me back it was ghost white and I was nice orange/brown when you saw my stomach!
Now onto the dress, Rachel Bilson is my aim, I need to google some dresses, I am thinking colour all the way baby!
Of course I love the colour of this dress, her skinny toned arms... I would do my hair out in flowing waves or straight and sleek. Pop some over sized sunnies on my head voila!

Now as nice as black shoes are, I would go with something colourful for summer like yellow, or PINK! Red is hot if you go clubbing which I don't but any party in general, red heels will be red hot as they say!
With this dress I would probably wear black boots/heels or brown boots of heels.
Hee, Hee! Add a cowboy hat, wavy hair and brown knee high boots and Rachel Bilson can giddy up like a cowgirl! LOL
Maybe I should do something different with my hair, I love my long hair, but maybe put honey streaks or something summery. I want to update me look a tad. I will need some serious cash though. Is it just me who is broke???
Okay, off to post more! Bye xx

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Healthy Foods Blog

It sounds too good to be true-right? A blog that says what tastes GOOD and is HEALTHY. I just checked out which proves this point!

And you won't believe this one:


My friend and me love tucking into chocolate, so while your nibbling bites of Santa Chocolate tuck into this article, just follow the links!

Healthy Chocolate? Oh Yeah!

I really think this blog is cool and you should check it out right NOW!

LOL have fun!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Trying to be happy

Is it just me or is everything always on a downward slope? I know this sounds really stupid but, I always smile in the hope I can bring people a little sunshine. People say I have a nice smile, this makes me smile and has an impact on the day I get.

All I want, is someone to wake up and smell the air and be glad to be alive instead of all this,

My life is terrible talk, is that so much to ask?? It is to a lot of people, I probably sound like a hypocrite, I know I am not perfect but still...

No one appreciates girls smiling anymore??

Why do you think I post pictures of me smiling??

Because I want people to see a sixteen year old girl smiling and is happy with her life... Why all the drama and the wars??

I wish people would smile more, I think that would be in my top ten lists of wishes from a Gennie In a Bottle.

Going to the races

It my boyfriend's birthday on New Year Eve! I am so excited, apart from the fact I don't know what to wear, its supossed to be this really posh place and I need to wear something nice...

Any ideas?? Anyone??

In my mind I am seeing a no-show of hands. Which is fine, I will find something? I just don't know what?? God, I have no clue...

Well there is so much out there, I guess I will have to go shopping and buy something!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smallville- Chloe, Lana and Lois, Doing Shooters

I have a wide collection of Smallville stories to share! So I finally decided to post this one:
Okay, be easy on me this is a story I have just started...

Chloe, Lana and Lois- Doing Shooters

Author Note:
I love the banter between Lois and Clark, nice and simple back to season four and school time, one late night at the Talon someone from the staff serves the three. It unfortunately for Clark is some sort of drug that terms them into Skank loving boy magnets with dangerous results! Feel free to comment!

Hit me with your best shot...

Chapter One: Late Night at the Talon

Clark couldn't help but smile as he watched Chloe and Lois battle it out at the Talon on the karoke machine to Britney Spears' I love rock and roll

Lana began laughing as the two jumped around and then finshed off the song with a big scream. Clark looked at Lana who was serving drinks behind the counter and smiled.

"So how did we do farmboy?" Lois asked as she sat on the Talon stool swinging her legs in her designer jeans cunningly. Clark looked at speechlessly and tried to keep a straight face rather than laughing it up.

"It was very entertaining..." he trailed off and he mean every word, honestly it was pretty funny. Although Clark had a sneaking suspicion that Lois had been drinking more than one glass of vodka that night... Lois smiled standing up wobbling a bit, Clark tried to steady her but she batted him off fiercely.

"Oh god Clark, get off me I'm not two!" Lois warned complaining in her winging like way. Clark rolled his green eyes at her jokingly.

"Really you certainly act like one!" Clark joked as Lois looked up at him her brown eyes glistening in the Talon lighting.

"Say one more thing farmboy and I will personally kill you..." Lois warned as she playfully punched his arm and smiled swinging her blonde hair as she walked away her silver high heels clattering noisily. Lana flashed Chloe a happy smile as a young woman with long red straight hair and and green eyes appeared. Wearing an incredibly tight black leather mini-skirt she looked very girly and tarty.

"Oh look, it's Paris Hilton's long lost sister Skankarella!" Lois commented loudly as Clark looked at her his green eyes widened completely taken back by what she had just said.

"Lois!" Clark called sharply as she shrugged her shoulders as the girl looked at her. Chloe smiled at Lana and Clark and turned away form Lois.

"I can see it now, Lois says her trademark line and-"

"You wanna dance bitch?" the red head suddenly suggested at Lois becoming extremely fiesty.

"Sorry, my friend Lois is a little bit..." Clark tried to say as the woman holding a silver platter offered Lois a weird looking drink, before Clark could stop her she had skulled it in seconds!

"Mmm, well at least you make better alcohol than better money being a-" Lois began as Clark looked at her warningly.


"Clark, c'mon, loosen up! Lana, Chlo drink up!" Lois insisted giving Lana and Chloe a glass of the glittering purple concoction.

"Not bad, even though it's a Thursday night and I'm NOT mean to be drinking," Chloe replied as Lana took the tinest sip and grimaced.

"Excuse me, I actually don't drink..." Lana admitted sending the drink back to the red head who looked at her challengingly.

"Pfffff! Whatever!" she finshed as she stalked away but not before giving Lois the bottle. Lana eyed the bottle curiously.

"I don't believe we sell that drink, I wonder where it came from?" Lana wondered as Clark picked up the bottle and eyed it anxiously.

"Uh, I don't think this is a great idea.." Lana began as Clark looked at her agreeing as he looked at Lois who was going for seconds and then thirds...

"I agree Lana..." Clark began as he swiped the bottle of Lois. "Okay Lois, that's enough!" Clark ordered firmly as Lois looked at him mad.

"Damn, Smallville you're not fun!" Lois complained as she looked up at him clearly peeved.

"Well, it's getting late," Clark began checking his watch as Lois rolled her eyes.

"CLARK," she said firmly as she sculled another shooter, "Would you quit babysitting! It's only 9:30!" Lois pointed out as Clark smiled at her nervously.

"Yeah but...we have school tomorrow," Clark argued as Lois gave up sipping another shooter and sighed dramatically.

"Come on Lois!" Clark insisted as he struggled to pull Lois away who was kicking about complaining she couldn't have more to drink and of course she had to attend Smallville High tomorrow.

Chapter Two ***Girls go bad***

Eventually Lois was asleep upstairs in Clark's bedroom and Clark was asleep downstairs on the lounge. Shelby their sweet little labrador was licking his feet as he slept. The next morning Lois awake full of energy and got up out of bed, glancing around she looked around and yawned loudly.

"Uh, I need a long hot shower!" Lois decided, slowly she slipped into the kent's shower and put Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better by Kane West full volume as she sang in the show boisterously! Clark got up from the lounge at 5am ready to do his farm chores only to hear Lois singing as loud as anything!

"Let's get lost tonight, you can my black kate moss tonight!" Lois sang as Clark entered the kitchen he poured himself some orange juice then super sped quick smart into his jeans and flannel red farm shirt. All of the sudden he heard rattling when he returned back to the kitchen, he saw with a start; Lois Lane was completely naked in his kitchen dipping a spoon into a giant tub of ice cream! Startled Clark's blue eyes opened wide as he managered to stutter better words than um or

"Hey Clarky!" Lois chirped sucking the life out of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the spoon. She gently licked the ice cream off with her pointy tongue and licked her softl lips. Oh my God! Clark suddenly thought his mind flashing, she was sucking that spoon like she was...errr...never mind! Clark thought it was safer not to say anything let alone think of anything!
Clark watched Lois flicking her dripping wet sandy blonde hair, Clark desperately thought of something to say.


"Yes Clar-k!" Lois said sexily putting emphasis on the "K". Clark swallowed and then snapped into big brother mode.

"Lois! Go and put some clothes on!" Clark ordered as Lois laughed shaking her head giggling.

"I don't think so, its so liberating! Besides, you should be getting to your chores Clarky! Where are your parents?" Lois asked seductively as Clark swallowed muttering under his breath.

"Hopefully not around to see you," Clark muttered nervously, he realized he was tugging at his shirt nervously but he was actually exposing his tanned glowing stomach.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," Lois prowled very turned on Clark took a double take since when the hell was Lois interested in Clark! At least I hope things can't get any worse... Clark thought hopefully BOY was he DAMN WRONG!

Chapter Three ***Smallvile High turns to Skank High***

Clark got set to tell Lana all about what had just happened unfortunately he was wrong about school too! Lana Lang appeared by his saide dressed in the skankiest outfit he had ever seen! But to be completly honest it wasn't as if he dreamt about her or anything but it was clear by his gobsmacked expression he didn't even know Lana Lang OWNED anything sexy what so ever! He looked up at her tiny black leather mini skirt, her full busted chest in her little skimpy push up bra (which helped matters because Clark knew she probably was quite flat, or at least that was what Lois' opinion was...) Her brown hair curled and straightened, red lipstick, smoked eye makeup and of course and tiny red top that was so tiny it made her "assets" look huge!

"Uh... " was all Clark could manage to utter because he knew Lana was attractive hell more than attractive but uh...he was utterly speechless!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi again, it's me, I have decided to edit this post! I read pink Ink's comment and realized that I should probably go forth and try out a new colour. When I do I will post my picture up! So, I have a burning question, what was the worst haristyle you got, I got a bob when I was little...
Hair, it's what every girl likes to play with when they are bored. On a lighter note compared to my post on The Devil Wears Prada I do love Anne and Rachel's hair! I want to do something different, not cut it off though. I have had the same hair colour my whole life... But you know with girls they like a change... Well I know this only short, damn me! But I would like an opinion, pretty please?
Celeste xxx
Thanks Pink Ink I will keep you posted!

The Devil Wears Prada

(Picture is from

I'm on a roll, more posts!!
(I edited this piece, it wasn't very clear)

I am no fashion crazy nut, but I wanted to see this movie. To be completely honest, I just wanted to see because I wanted to see Anne Hathaway's make over. I wanted to watch them apply the makeup, I am the type of person that would try and do the same to myself but they didn't show it. I watched it anyway, I was liking the way she looked and the movie was quite interesting and very glamorous.

I watched it and I found to be the same message every modeling agency gives their models, "You're too fat," Anne Hathaway certainly is not fat, and to have the boss on the movie tell her she is makes us think that we are never good enough. My sister is only thirteen at the moment, and I wanted to watch it with her. But, like all thirteen year olds, she would probably take the weight issue seriously. There are too many magazines out there making young girls objects rather than humans. Anyway, in the end Anne drops to a size 4, but nothing was wrong with her original size. All woman have different body shapes. Let's embrace that instead of kill the idea of individuality.


This image is from this website, in NO way do I take credit for it!
Anyway, does anyone remember the Avon ladies that came to your door and you would take one look at the magazine and think it was all cheap crap. I know I did, and now I absolute LOVE Avon! Isn't it ironic now that I love it, no one comes to our house?? I remember when me and my boyfriend (Grant) went to the Royal Show I dragged him into a cosmetic store and subscribed to the magazine, I never got one! Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I really like the idea of flicking through with a nice hot cup of tea with my mum. Oh well I guess there is always catalogues like Target and Kmart which thoroughly enjoy looking through... I was think is there anything in this world that has been discontinued that you wish was still here. Like a book, radio station, type of food something that isn't available and you cannot find because you find out it has been discontinued? Oh well, I guess I can always ring!
What do you guys think?
Celeste xxx


Okay, this picture isn't mine, courtsey of Google Images. Anyway, as my first job as a receptionist. I have never had money... Hence, I just realized it all adds up. The lip-glosses in the corner represent my favourite lip gloss- Australis- in "Happy". Not that it makes me happy (I'm lying it does!) But, it costs $8.00 just to get another and i have brought three so far, they keep needing re fills or re buying because I use them up LOL! The other day, I was feeling like crap and then I saw a store that sold necklaces, Fancy jewelery etc. I was so happy and the first thing I saw was a pink pendant with a black strap (as a chain). I was so going mad, I was thinking it was all cheap, as in $2-$5 but no- we were talking $35 and up no where near as low as I aiming... To make a long story short after putting half of the things back and being shocked at the price. (Over $200!) I realized, that it was going to be a hundred dollars anyway... Bummer... But, I still brought the pendant, a pink ring to match; red, purple and pink ring and a blue one. I gave the blue one to my mum but it was too big... I ended up giving my sister the pink one... Groceries like milk, cockroach baits and a couple of drinks cost $30 in total but I spent a further $100 on jewelry! Ouch! Needless to say my mum was quiet and told me not to do it again but my dad would be more angry that surprised... So, I didn't tell him... So, I wondering what was your biggest splurge???
Celeste xxx

Finishing what I start

Heya! Okay here goes, (BTW I need to upload my photos to my firggin usb port!) Anyway, this post is basically about the fact I don't finish what I start. Anybody else do that? If I had the guts I would post my room pictures here because it is so messy. My boyfriend assumes that a bomb went off. My parents ask me to clean it and I'm like "Okay, fine" but it never gets done! Why is it just human nature? Anyway, on a lighter note, it's my little brother's birthday and I got him a Spongebob DVD, let's hope he falls in love with it... The point is I'm supposed to be going out with Grant (my boyfriend) the same day... Grrrr, why is decision making suck?? My mum said I could go with Grant so I said "Yes, of course we will go to town babe". My poor, poor little brother will be crushed. Now that I am working full time, I tend to only have one day to do things... Unfortunately that Saturday, stupid dumb Saturday! If I want to see Grant its Saturday, if I want my hair done or my eyebrows to be waxed... (I hate plucking!) Then, it's Saturday! Anyway, what do you think, do you finish what you start?? I know I don't LOL
Celeste xxx

Monday, October 13, 2008


Saturday was awesome! I saw my boyfriend and we caught the bus to the city! It was so funny I was taking so many photos, and then he told me we were not supposed to on a bus and I was looking him like what is the fun in that...

We also saw lots and lots of pink shops and I was like yay, he was like we are not going in there! Of course, I had to go in there. So, I took my camera in and took photos like crazy! To cut a long story short, the photos were of all the clothes and shoes, not to mention it was very cramped...

I loved the pink shop, it kind of reminded me of the bedroom I want to achieve- pink! Followed by that we also stopped at Hungry Jacks, much to my boyfriend's dismay, they had shut Hungry Jacks down. I didn't mind, I was going to have McDonalds anyway... But after he complained, we managed to find one in Williams street...

Personally, this one looks much better than the old one, but of course being a guy he would say it's not the same...LOL :)

Anyway, we eventually walked past Hungry Jacks and there was a hot dog stand, so I just had to get my favourite sausage, onion and tomato sauce! Mmmmm!

There was also a lady face painted in silver with sparkles in her hands... It was so cool, least I thought so... So I begged Grant to take a picture...

We also went to McDonalds and of course ate there too... I had an ice-cream...

And of course went to the park and mucked around...

Well, I am signing, off I have to go back to working,
See ya, peace out y'all!

Celeste xxx

Welcome to my blog

First of all I would like to say welcome! Everyone I know has a blog or has face book, to be completely honest I don’t even KNOW how to use it! Anyway, I thought to myself, why not I like to write. So I am giving this blog a chance.

A lot of the posts are about my life, you know family, friends, my boyfriend, Smallville etc… Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little insight into my life. I am also starting to get really into makeup blogging and writing about my bf, like a little scrapbook LOL!


PS, my inspiration for makeup comes from, it is my favourite sight, and I am also many other sights which I will fill you in with…