Monday, November 10, 2008

Trying to be happy

Is it just me or is everything always on a downward slope? I know this sounds really stupid but, I always smile in the hope I can bring people a little sunshine. People say I have a nice smile, this makes me smile and has an impact on the day I get.

All I want, is someone to wake up and smell the air and be glad to be alive instead of all this,

My life is terrible talk, is that so much to ask?? It is to a lot of people, I probably sound like a hypocrite, I know I am not perfect but still...

No one appreciates girls smiling anymore??

Why do you think I post pictures of me smiling??

Because I want people to see a sixteen year old girl smiling and is happy with her life... Why all the drama and the wars??

I wish people would smile more, I think that would be in my top ten lists of wishes from a Gennie In a Bottle.


Autism Mom said...

It is hard for some of us to be happy (well, at least I am honestly speaking for myself). I like to see other people happy, so long as they aren't laughing at me! :)

And you do have a beautiful smile! Keep writing and being happy. :)

Andreya said...

I think it is a worthy goal to smile more... :)
& to bring happiness into the world by smiling...

People have told me I have a nice smile too, & it always made my day... :)

When you are genuinely happy, you light up the room & people can be picked up with your energy.. Just remember to be caring and appreciative if they feel down.. It is not your goal to change them, you can only INSPIRE...!!