Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dresses and Fake Tan Talk

Bring on Summer!

Summer is coming! Thank God, my boyfriend wants to go to the beach, it's going to be fun on the bun! Speaking of buns, I am eating my ham bun at this moment placing stray strands of dark hair behind my ears thinking, when I am going to get that damn hair cut! LOL
Amanda Bynes looks really hot in this photo, she makes me wish I was blonde...sigh I should probably go and I can try it out latter.

One of the looks I aiming for, for my summer is sun kissed golden glow, when I actually get some guts that is... Anyway for my thirteenth/fourteenth b'day my friend brought me...fake tan!
Grasping the bottle I had no idea what the hell to do, I turned a nasty shade of orange! Luckily I only applied it to my breasts and stomach. When you saw me back it was ghost white and I was nice orange/brown when you saw my stomach!
Now onto the dress, Rachel Bilson is my aim, I need to google some dresses, I am thinking colour all the way baby!
Of course I love the colour of this dress, her skinny toned arms... I would do my hair out in flowing waves or straight and sleek. Pop some over sized sunnies on my head voila!

Now as nice as black shoes are, I would go with something colourful for summer like yellow, or PINK! Red is hot if you go clubbing which I don't but any party in general, red heels will be red hot as they say!
With this dress I would probably wear black boots/heels or brown boots of heels.
Hee, Hee! Add a cowboy hat, wavy hair and brown knee high boots and Rachel Bilson can giddy up like a cowgirl! LOL
Maybe I should do something different with my hair, I love my long hair, but maybe put honey streaks or something summery. I want to update me look a tad. I will need some serious cash though. Is it just me who is broke???
Okay, off to post more! Bye xx


Andreya said...


Didn't know about - that's a great tip... to try things on before you actually, uhm, try 'em on... :)
/a wig or something may have a similar effect.../

Fake tan is not for me, I prefer to be natural.. apparently some women take capsules/pills with beta carotene or such, but personally I think eating carrots & peaches and other orange fruit & veggies is better!!

Oh, & I just thought of this, you could look over to forums - inspirational site & forum for women, young and a bit older... Maybe you could get some readership there too...? :)