Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finishing what I start

Heya! Okay here goes, (BTW I need to upload my photos to my firggin usb port!) Anyway, this post is basically about the fact I don't finish what I start. Anybody else do that? If I had the guts I would post my room pictures here because it is so messy. My boyfriend assumes that a bomb went off. My parents ask me to clean it and I'm like "Okay, fine" but it never gets done! Why is it just human nature? Anyway, on a lighter note, it's my little brother's birthday and I got him a Spongebob DVD, let's hope he falls in love with it... The point is I'm supposed to be going out with Grant (my boyfriend) the same day... Grrrr, why is decision making suck?? My mum said I could go with Grant so I said "Yes, of course we will go to town babe". My poor, poor little brother will be crushed. Now that I am working full time, I tend to only have one day to do things... Unfortunately that Saturday, stupid dumb Saturday! If I want to see Grant its Saturday, if I want my hair done or my eyebrows to be waxed... (I hate plucking!) Then, it's Saturday! Anyway, what do you think, do you finish what you start?? I know I don't LOL
Celeste xxx