Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Okay, this picture isn't mine, courtsey of Google Images. Anyway, as my first job as a receptionist. I have never had money... Hence, I just realized it all adds up. The lip-glosses in the corner represent my favourite lip gloss- Australis- in "Happy". Not that it makes me happy (I'm lying it does!) But, it costs $8.00 just to get another and i have brought three so far, they keep needing re fills or re buying because I use them up LOL! The other day, I was feeling like crap and then I saw a store that sold necklaces, Fancy jewelery etc. I was so happy and the first thing I saw was a pink pendant with a black strap (as a chain). I was so going mad, I was thinking it was all cheap, as in $2-$5 but no- we were talking $35 and up no where near as low as I aiming... To make a long story short after putting half of the things back and being shocked at the price. (Over $200!) I realized, that it was going to be a hundred dollars anyway... Bummer... But, I still brought the pendant, a pink ring to match; red, purple and pink ring and a blue one. I gave the blue one to my mum but it was too big... I ended up giving my sister the pink one... Groceries like milk, cockroach baits and a couple of drinks cost $30 in total but I spent a further $100 on jewelry! Ouch! Needless to say my mum was quiet and told me not to do it again but my dad would be more angry that surprised... So, I didn't tell him... So, I wondering what was your biggest splurge???
Celeste xxx